We consider the timing approach as the precondition for our business activities.


We can guarantee a serious approach with our principlas and customers with more than 15 years experience in the semiconductor business.We have quality people that will assist the customer during the enire selling process.

Mercury has been established since 2000.However the relationship and the services with our principals started in 1990.
In particular with EKC Technology that we represent since 1991.
The company is based near Milan.

We are devoted in working on two major customers in Italy and one in France.Recently we are facing with the strategic need to expand our business across south of Europe.
We have started to cover more regions in the last two years.

Mercury is mainly an end user company.We can guarantee our best services working in thei section of the semiconductor business.
However we have first class contacts with the vatious OEM working in the italian region.

The company has been working for the last 5 years in the semi business,there is anyway a strong demand of similar products in the optics and pharma industries.We are recently expanding the business in this direction.